Hello, I am Jaoued

I am graphic designer and Art director currently working at Groupe Media Tfo, I love to work on identity, web design, editions, & art direction. I had the privilege of working with a variety of international clients.

I am an Art Director specializing in premium branding, animation and immersive interactive experiences.

With 15 years commercial experience, I have  built a reputation for consistently delivering exceptional design work whether I’m leading a team on a global website, designing an intuitive mobile app or developing a high profile product launch site.

Combining brand and business thinking with expert technical knowledge, my work is always highly crafted, emotionally engaging and user friendly.

I have an amazing sense of design and will apply this knowledge to every project. Creative design skills are crucial  in this role. I have a vast range of experience in print, web design, illustration, motion graphics and compositing and will have experience working on a wide-range of projects.

I’ve had the privilege to work with some of the largest names in the business and have established a reputation for always bringing innovation to the table with every project.


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Jaoued is an energetic and creative personality who consistently brings strong creative ideas to the table. Through his role as creative director at ProSheets he has managed the growth of a strong brand from print to web. With his oversight we have created professional grade flyers, web 2.0 designs and tv grade video production. Jaoued has a distinctly European edge that translates into designs with an exotic look and feel that can greatly benefit many North American brands. He is very focused and will do whatever needs to get done in order to complete projects on their due date. I wish him the best in the future and look forward to the next generation of designs he will put out.less

Filipp Kotlyar

Jaoued is a pleasure to work with. His innovative ideas and commitment to getting the job done ensures his projects are always exceeding your expectations. I highly recommend Jaoued for his excellent service, personable attitude and dedication to his work!

Gloria Lee Fashion Designer, TISSH BY GLORIA LEE

I'm wondering why I never contacted this guys sooner! He have commendable talent in motion design and knocked my concept out of the ballpark. An amazing experience!

JPM Consulting


From modelling, texturing and shading to lighting, rendering and fluid dynamics simulations. My years of experience in 3D content creation can handle any project thrown my way with speed and quality.

Videos In-Depth

Keying, compositing, effects, removals, colour grading, particles and simulations are just some of the techniques I’ve employed completing countless commercials. I also provide VFX supervision and assistance on set and in pre-production meetings.


With a deep understanding of animation principles and a keen eye for motion, I’m able to provide 3D and 2D animation. From full character animation to title and product animation, I’ve done it all.


A simple hobby involving my Canon HDSLR, I take photographs and video footage of the world around me. My knowledge of photography, cinematography and camera rigs also allows me to communicate better with directors on and off set.

Motion Graphics

Whether it be TV show title sequences, corporate logo motion graphics or commercial end tags and idents, my motion graphics and typography experience covers all the bases in 2D and 3D.

Art Direction

Any time an artist has a question, needs help or doesn’t know how to do something, they come to me. I supervise artists in the studio and keep everything running efficiently throughout. I even do the odd bit of coding to speed up workflows.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada